Thursday, January 15, 2015

Part 2 - Notes for Bible Study

Ok here we go:

Warning: like last week, this message is for mature audiences only. If you have children listening, you may want to put them away. They will not understand this message at all and they may hear things to strong for their little ears.

Quick review:

Last week we discussed, exposed and rebuked the behaviors that we sometimes either ignorantly and/or willfully allow ourselves to engage in, which directly or indirectly lead us into the powerful temptations and traps of the Flesh. What are these inappropriate behaviors that corrupt our relationships with people from the opposite sex? Can we recognize them and arrest them and banish them from our lives?

We called our attention to the evil hidden tendency of the flesh, the spirit of adultery and sexual immorality, which is lurking within us all, and “its” desire to manipulate, seduce and coerce “its” lustful appetites upon us. We exposed how “it” will control our lives and all our relationships with people from the opposite sex, if “we” do not identify and crucify it, before it has a chance to manifest and destroy us…

We can and must crucify and overcome the sinful nature of our flesh. We must believe and obey the teachings of Jesus if we are going to have victory over this carnal and wicked nature that we were born with.

We pointed out many of the predicaments that we allow ourselves to enter into, which end up promoting and encouraging this spirit of sexual immorality to take over dominate our lives. We asked you to examine all your relationships with the opposite sex and notice any clever and sinister patterns that you keep repeating over and over again, and we commanded you to STOP DOING IT, REPENT and deny this wickedness and LIVE HOLY.

Yes, we commanded you, by the Word of GOD, to Crucify this sinful cycle in your life. Stop flirting with women and men which leads to sin. Stop playing with fire and making comments that tease and seduce, Stop looking with the eyes in an ungodly way you lustful man. Stop flinging your hair and batting your eyelashes you promiscuous sister. STOP IT, right now in Jesus name amen. Get a grip on your own body. Take control of your flesh and make it obey the Holy Spirit. AMEN.. and AMEN. Renew your mind on God‘s Word brothers and sister.

Stop laughing at sexual innuendos and provocative jokes that are meant to lure you deeper into a snare. Get serious, get focused and even angry if you have to. Stand up for righteousness.

Oh, how true is the scripture?

Who can find a godly and virtuous woman?

Proverbs 31:10–12 (KJV) 10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. 11 The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. 12 She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

This goes for men as well. The dogs of the world, without Christ, lost and perverse and curse among all of God’s creatures. Inviting ways to be evil and creating dark pleasures form the blackness of his imagination. 

Who can find a godly and virtuous man?

We also discussed last week, that there are two categories of people dealing with this natural, carnal, normal, yet sinful human condition: There are those who embrace it, and those who hate it. Which one are you today?

Do you accept this spirit of sexual sin in your life? Do make excuses for it? Do you justify it? (Saying this famous cliché such as: “we are all still sinners,” and “everybody sins”), Do you ignore your hidden sexual tendencies, pretending that they don’t negatively impact your life and continue to live in a repetitive cycle of broken relationships and filthy living? Boyfriend after boyfriend, marriage after marriage, a life of masturbation and lust, being drawn into one temptation after the next, laying in bed next to another man or woman outside the will of God; constantly gravitating into futile relationships that seem to always end up the same way; obsolete relationships with no hope, no future and no blessing of God upon them?

Is your heart growing harder and harder with each passing day, that you refuse to repent and obey the Truth? I feel sorry for you. You are headed for Hell my friend. If we do NOT repent and obey Jesus, we are all headed for Hell.

Is that your life my dear friend? A life of disobedience, self-will, determined to follow your own heart, your own shady plans, your own mushy dreams, being led by your belly and flesh, rather than the inner calling to die with Christ and then live again through his Holy Spirit in a new and regenerated life? I fell sorry for you my friend?

2 Timothy 3:13 (KJV) 13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

Ephesians 4:18–19 (KJV) 18 Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart: 19 Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness.

Is that the type pf person you are?

Or maybe since you are not that lost, since you are not that confused, you are not that bad or broken, maybe you feel a little bit better about yourself. You can continue to go on justifying y our wicked life because you are not broken over  your sin yet.

I wish you were either HOT or COLD, but because you are comfortable in your lukewarm over your sin, what hope do you have of repenting and finding salvation?

Jesus said blessed are to poor in spirit. Blessed are those that mourn and cry, the broken hearted, the desperate. Matt. 5:3-5

Why? Why are they so blessed? I will tell you why my friend….

Because they are finally at the point in their lives, they are finally broken and humble and ready to repentance. They are finally at the point where they are ready to surrender their lives to GOD. A place of despair can be a wonderful turning point for renewal and a place where on can begin the healing process.

Or are you like the wise man who built his house on the rock?

Are you wiser then all that? Are you alert and able to discern the depths of your own heart with truth and purity? Are you able to rightly divide and correctly interpret the hidden intentions of other people with spiritual clarity?

Have you finally learned from all the painful failure of your life and are you finally ready to surrender everything to the will to God? Do you hate sin? Do you hate sexual immorality, Do you hate to compromise your faith? Do you hate the messes that you keep getting yourself into? 

Are you finally sick of living a filthy life, deceiving yourself into one bad relationship after the next, lusting with the heart and eyes, persistently falling into temptation and the traps of the flesh? Are you ready to be finished with SIN and live holy? Are you ready to lay your life down for Jesus?

OK.. Let’s pick up where we left off last week:

How to avoid falling into temptation with people from the opposite sex:

Before we can do that, however, we must acknowledge, that we do indeed set ourselves up for failure most of the time.

I talk to many people who have been divorced, who are living in sexual immorality, who keep falling into numerous relationships, and they still do not see that they have anything, at all, to do with this sin in their lives.

They blame others for their failed relationships. The refuse to acknowledge that it is actual themselves to blame; They don’t want to see that they are the ones who keep seeking and falling into these ungodly relationships. When will they just simply open their eyes and realize that it is by their own hand these troubles come upon them.

We must grasp that we do willfully walk right into these troubles and until we see this self-induced dilemma, we will never change. We will never grow, we will never be transformed from a life of sin into a life of holiness, if we do not confess our weakness and shortcomings.

We must finally admit, confess, recognize and identify this problem:

What is the Problem?

That our choices and behaviors, up to this point, have not been managed by the Holy Spirit; that we have been guided by our own lusts and the decisions that we make ultimately led us into destructive and wasteful relationships, and until we see that “WE” are our biggest enemy and problem, “WE” will always end up in the same pit. 

Are you ready to get out of this pit my dear brothers and sisters? Are you ready to confess today that “I am guilty of allowing myself to fall into these traps time and time again?” I have allowed myself to follow my lusts instead of the teachings of Jesus” I am ready and willing, right now, to stop this self-destructive pattern and I need help? Are you ready to cry out to GOD and seek his Holy Spirit and Power to transform you?

I hope so my dear friends. Now is the time, because we are running out of time.

If you are ready, then let us take heed to these warnings and instructions today:

OK, Continuing with our study from last week:

Beginning with some of the Problems that cause us to fall into Sexual immorality: Spending too much time with someone from the opposite sex.
(I am going to be emphasizing this over and over)

Unless you have never been married and are available to date someone for the purpose of marriage, (Repeat - marriage) spending too much time with someone is dangerous and will eventually lead to temptation. Having lunch all the time, going places together, talking on the phone, numerous private messages and email, meanwhile slowly building and making provisions for the flesh.

We are just friends. I am trying to lead them to Jesus. 

Isn't that what we say? I just want to help them. I feel sorry for him... He doesn't have any friends. I don't have any intentions of lusting after him or her. They are not even attractive to me. I only want to talk about Jesus with her. He makes me laugh, She is interesting, we have so much in common. We are just friends. C’mon, Levi you are analyzing this too much. you’re making a big deal over nothing, chill out, man. chill out.

Am I? Am I really over examining the sticky and complicated strings of lust that so easily entangle us into the knots of bitterness. Am I overestimating the intricate maze of lust and the numerous avenues of temptation.

Or could I have just a little bit of wisdom in this area, as a result of my many painful and failed relationships?

Am I being paranoid and insecure? Or, do I really understand, how that body language can communicate messages of intrigue, how we subconsciously show signs of hidden dark passions that send lustful invitations. Is this really just all in my head, am I imagining all these things, or can I really discern the dark side of human behavior, Do I know the meaning of these long lasting smiles at one another, the constant and repetitive eye contact, the continuous and eager anticipation to see someone again.

We need to practice discernment brothers and sisters. Sharpen your spiritual eyes.

Hebrews 5:14 (KJV) 14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

All you have to do is open your eyes and pay close attention to the Words we use, when we speak to one another. Listen carefully with your spiritual ears.

With practice you will begin to hear the cleverly suggestive words used to stimulate the flesh and it's appetites, the provocative statements used to check the pulse and the temperature of someone’s tolerance level.

Comments that are designed to seek after any potential openings and allowances; trying to find out what parameters can broken, where any weaknesses may be, exploiting every vulnerability, testing every boundary and challenging every fortress.

All you have to do is watch with your spiritual eyes at how we conduct ourselves around each other:

The winking at each other, nudging each other on the shoulder, lightly and playfully smacking each other on the knee, sitting closer and closer to each other every chance we get, sharing photos and looking over each others shoulder, hoping for a chance to rub checks and smell each others scent. Giving longer and tighter hugs embracing each other with full body contact.

Surely it is all in my head and I am just making it all up…Right?? 

So many of us are just willfully ignorant and blind to the ferocious potentials of the flesh, until one day it is too late. Yeah, one day, even after years of sobriety and self-control, after walking upright for decades, after displaying a consistent and simple life of righteousness, then suddenly, a perfect storm strikes, without warning.

All the right conditions, all the right elements of fantasy, all the necessary components of an imaginary fairy-tale, all strike at the same time: bamboozled and blindsided by the perfect mechanisms of romance drawing us into a pit: the right timing, the right person, the right emotional conditions, the perfect damsel in distress scenario emerges, presenting an ideal opportunity, for the imaginary Prince within me, to save the lonely, heart broken sister from all her troubles and sorrows.

We better cling to the LORD or we will be devoured:

Single vs. Married:

It is one thing to have never been married before, to be single and looking for a godly marriage. There is a margin for allowing romance and an expectation for beautiful connections to be made. But one must still walk alert and upright, avoiding the perversions of the flesh. Temptation is still a monster for you also..

But, when we are currently married we have a higher degree of restrictions placed on our relationships with the opposite sex. A single person may be able to flirt with another single person, when seeking for a marriage partner, as long as they both have never been married, even though they must realize that they can go to far and are instructed to marry or burn. Whereas a married man must NEVER flirt with a woman under any circumstances.

The stakes become even higher when we are experiencing emotional, physical and spiritual battles in our marriages. Then our relationship with the opposite sex become even more fragile to manage. The opportunity for lust and the recipe for disaster is perfect.

Do you know how many women contacted me after I confessed my lustful weaknesses. It is absolutely amazing. I had some sisters want me to give them my number, so they can HELP me. I told one sister that was the last thing I needed was to take counsel with a sister right now.

When heavy tribulations and distress mount in our lives and the weakness of the Flesh begins to boil over. Then, Satan has found a perfect opportunity to send someone to tempt us.. Do you think I am that stupid Satan? It was like so obvious what he was doing? 

You know what really bites? These sisters, although they mean well, maybe, most of them don’t even have a clue about these realities and snares of the flesh and keep falling into these traps. They don’t even have a clue how Satan is using them. They are headed for disaster time and time again, reaching out to counsel a man who just confessed that he has been struggling with lustful behavior. Same thing with men. 

I had a brother who admitted he had lustful issues and I catch him comforting a woman in her troubles by giving her is cell phone number and making himself available. I rebuked him and after he refused to take heed I blocked him form my group.

Satan is hoping that we will fall into his plan to comfort us when we need it the most. When we are down and hurting, we meet someone who just happens to get it. Someone who understands our heart and everything that we are going through, and sees our point of view exactly the way we do. Someone who fills the void and comforts our soul.

How can something so lovely, so precious, so amazing be anything other than fate? Oh how foolish we can be. How willfully ignorant we let ourselves become.

Unless we recognize, confess, repent, and crucify all these potential death traps everyday, we will continue to fall and ruin our lives and the hope we have for salvation.

The only way we can overcome this is to expose these hidden tendencies and repent at all cost, calling upon GOD to chastise us and correct us with his Fear.

Innocent relationships:

We must Avoid creating little innocent relationships with those of the opposite sex that can easily turn into a carnal passion in the blink of an eye? Innocent relationships that can explode into a tumultuous nightmare of iniquity.

I am speaking from experience brothers and sisters: Listen to me, if you have ears to hear. Don’t be foolish and blind concerning these matters.

All my failures and experiences, all my sufferings, chastisement and troubles should not pass by in vain. But instead, let my heartaches and failures be an example and a lesson for you all to learn from.

I know for certain that the spirit of adultery and sexual immorality are lurking in the flesh, because I have been convicted of these sins my whole life in all my relationships. God has opened my eyes and compelled me to teach and warn you all to recognize and repent from this stuff.

I have cheated on my wife and girlfriends and I know the power of this sexual force, which have driven many secret motives and led me into captivity and destroyed all my relationships.

The only hope we have is to surrender to the Spirit of God.

If I am not walking in the Power and Spirit of Christ, then my old lost soul will naturally gravitate towards the old carnal pleasures. I will automatically seek out and find hidden opportunities and seductive possibilities.

The spirit of sexual immorality is prevalent and common throughout this perverse generation in movies, Television, books, advertisement, music, clothing designs and much more. Sexual immorality has been successful at destroying the relationships and lives of many self-deceived and willfully ignorant souls.

We must learn to recognize temptation and destructive relationships before they happen:

Sometimes people will act like they want to know about Jesus, just to get closer to you, to spend time with you, trying to ignite the passions of the Flesh. The more time they spend with you, the easier it becomes to cast witty romantic words and propose little innuendos.

The more time we spend with someone, the more comfortable we get with staring into their eyes. The longer we spend time with someone the more intimate we become, and the more intimate we become, the stronger the desires of the flesh.

Most of us don’t plan of lusting, we will have good intentions in the beginning. We sincerely care and want to help our brothers and sisters, don’t we? But we get careless and foolish. We ignore and neglect the Hard Core Reality of the Flesh and it's power to overtake us.

I am trying to Warn you about these things.

I am trying to make you aware of these things today, so that you can avoid them. I am trying to prepare you to be ready to defend yourself against the day of temptation when it comes

Let’s talk about some of the solutions:

Here are some simple and practical steps that I want to share with you that will help you avoid falling into these sensual traps.

Instead of making personal contact with her or him, instead of speaking on the phone, or sending a text message, why not just Pray for that sister or brother from a distance?

1) Pray for those people in secret:

You don’t have to see them, speak to them, or touch them in order to help them. This is a godly and faithful way to truly love someone and keep yourself out of harms way. This demonstrate our dependency on GOD and not on our own efforts.

2) Limit your time together:

Too much time alone together is not spiritually healthy. Going to lunch everyday with the same sister over and over is not wise brother, unless you are enjoying her more and more. 

There are many sisters in Christ who contact me for advice and have questions. I have to manage this in a godly manner. Sometimes they contact me once a month or once a week and I have to discern what to do in each case. I have to determine what is the intention and where is this conversation is going.

I do NOT like to counsel the same women for long periods of time. Everyday all the time. No… I will answer a quick question and try to guide them as best I can with the little time allowed, but, to facilitate a perpetual state of emotional dependency and support a woman for extended periods of time in private, in secret conversations, will only lead to disaster.

3) We must submit to God’s will, Seek righteousness and be filled with the Holy Spirit in order to use good judgment.

I can tell when a woman has the spirit of Lust on them. I am forced many times to ignore sisters who keep coming back for more and more. I have had to, by the Grace of God, started a small group of sisters who will counsel these women for the Lord instead of being potentially tempted myself.

Listen to me my sister, pay attention to me, my brother. If a man or a woman is constantly coming to you for emotional support, for spiritual guidance, you better be on high alert. You better BEWARE of this trap. You need to guide them to someone of the same gender who can help. Limit your time with the opposite sex. Don’t try to be a night in shining armor, brother. You will eventually be slain by your own bravado.

Repeat this twice:
I am not saying to be cold hearted or ignore the needs of people. (Repeat)

I am saying that we must know our limitations. We must learn to say NO to people and to STOP spending too much time with them. We must discern with wisdom and know when to SHUT THEM OFF.

We must learn how to love and support people, without them even knowing about it. Why can't we Fast and Pray for people, instead of spending time trying to emotionally comfort them? 

Continuous text messages, private messages and non-stop emails must STOP.

Weekly rendezvous at the grocery store or local gym, coincidental meetings timed just right.

Don’t you all see this? Can't you all understand what I am saying? Unless you are getting married to that person, you must pull back your desire to be with them.

We are in a very dangerous war of the Flesh. The flesh is sinister and calculating. The only way to win, the only way to overcome these traps is to be led by the Holy Spirit and not led by our own imaginations. 

But, what if I am not attracted to him or her:

I used to always think this myself: Brothers and sisters, this is one of the most deceptive ways to fall. I have recently learned this the hard way. 

Don’t you know that physical attraction, although extremely important, is not always the reason why we may fall into sexual immorality? One can be spiritually, psychologically, intellectually and emotionally attracted to someone and fall into Lust just the same. You can be attracted to someone’s personality, humor, wit or intelligence and be magnetically drawn into temptation.

Many disasters have started out in a platonic, non-attractive relationship, then as time goes on, as the person grows on us, suddenly, without warning, a deeper attraction begins to arise.

The power of Lust will find a way if we allow it. Yeah, my dear friends, we can not rely on the absence of physical attraction. We must learn to rely on wisdom and the practical steps of managing all our relationships in righteousness.

Old Boyfriends:

Remaining close friends with old boyfriends, ex-husbands who broke the marriage vows, old sex partners, and old high school and college flings are not good ideas at all. 

I am not talking about remaining cordial and saying "HI" once in a while, testifying of what GOD is doing in your life, that’s all good, but we have to be alert and vigilant, strong in Grace, and ready to submit to the Holy Spirit, knowing that Sometimes saying "HI" to an old fling should now be completely avoided. 

Don’t you know that a little "Hi" can turn into a destructive "HELL-O" Notice the HELL in the word Hello. -- “HELL-O”

I am friendly with my ex-wife and ex-girlfriends, but I do NOT spend time with them and engage in perpetual phone or text conversations. I pray for them to find salvation all the time. I love them spiritually, not physically or emotionally.

Don’t you know by now that it doesn't take much to spark the old flame of passion all over again with these people?

How many times has this happened? I was just calling to say “hi” to an old boyfriend or girlfriend, and before we knew it, we were kissing and burning in hot passion.

An innocent phone call or text message is all it takes sometimes. When will we Wake up?

If your old romances still wants to be with you, or if you still have feelings for them, then you need to cut it off or get married, if you qualify for a godly marriage. (Notice I said, “If you qualify for a godly marriage, adulterers and fornicators who have ruined their marriages do NOT qualify for marriage)

However, listen very closely to me, if you are pursuing a godly marriage and the old boyfriends or girlfriends keep intruding, then you need to have respect for your relationship.

Honor the one you love, the one you are engaged or married to, or committed to. Don’t allow these intrusions to infiltrate your godly relationship. 


I have something to say to you guys who are Super secure with your relationships:

You overly secure brothers and sisters: You are so secure in your relationships. You are not bothered by the fact that your wife or fiance continues to carry on in a prolonged relationship with their past romances, You guys crack me up. You are literally being willfully blinded to the potential dangers of the Flesh

You think that your marriage is perfectly secure and that you are “OK” and that nothing could ever happen in your marriage like that, so you don’t exercise boundaries or wisdom in this area. You go ahead and let your wife or husband continue to hang out and spend time with their old lovers. You will see what happens. You will learn the hard way.

Or maybe you are the type to just ignore these things, because it is easier to deal with them that way. Easier than trying to force your wife or husband to set boundaries.

I would Never be married to a woman who does not respect our relationship enough to KNOW her place and keep strict and godly boundaries. a woman who is not wise or disciplined in these matters. A woman who acts carelessly and selfishly, who is more concerned about her rights to talk to whoever she wants to, rather then covering herself with beautiful humility and preserving herself charming modesty.

If you are about to get married, then you better know who you are marrying JACK. You better know who you are getting involved with. You better set up a godly marriage based on Christian principles and understanding before you give your life away, because you are married until you die. Remarriage is Adultery except for two reasons. Death and fornication. And if you were the one who committed the adultery or fornication then you can NEVER be married again, unless you want to enter into a sin that you can NOT repent from.

So many people end up divorced because they do not know how to set nor keep proper godly boundaries and limitations.

Stay single if you can NOT find a submissive and humble man or woman. Stay away from rebellious self-centered attractions.


There are two kinds of rebellion:

Rebellion - Demonic Spirits

There are some people who are demonically influencing in their minds. Some people that you encounter, and want to help, are just too dangerous and destructive, because they are possessed by demons and are looking for whomever they can devour. Mary Magdalene, the prostitute in the Bible, had 7 demons in her, before Jesus cast them out.

Carnal Stubbornness:

If you are rebellious and stubborn, if you don’t like this advice, if you still think adultery, fornication and sexual immorality will never happen to you, if you think that you are strong enough to carry on in a relationship with the opposite sex for extended periods of time, hang out with old lovers, if you think you’re too smart to fall into temptation, then I am forced to say to you that you are already self-deceived.

If you say, I am going to do what I want, when I want, how I want and ignore all this advice. 

If you say, I will counsel, talk to, spend time with, and be interested in whomever I choose without limitations.

If you say, I don’t want to be pressured to obey any guidelines, set any boundaries or be restricted by any one, then let your folly come swiftly upon you. You will be judged according to your own foolishness.

Listen to me carefully and judge whether I am wrong or not: Listen to me…

I can almost guarantee you that those of you who have this kind of attitude have already been divorced, have committed adultery and fallen into fornication many times, haven’t you? and you still refuse to take heed and obey this godly instruction.

This attitude of rebellion is nothing more that the manifestation of the spirit of fornication and adultery, which is just waiting for another opportunity to pounce on the next soul who gives it an opportunity.

Your heart is hard and filled with Lust - 

You are not trustworthy, nor deserving of a holy and godly relationship, nor can you handle it if you had one, you would try to pervert and infiltrate, and want nothing more than to corrupt the man or woman who is trying to live holy for GOD.

Your rebellion proves that you cannot learn and will continue to fall into many more traps and ruin all the relationships that you enter into.

You are a danger to everyone you meet and will keep destroying the hearts of those who fall into this trap with you.

If you do not REPENT and OBEY these godly instructions you will perish.

Examine your heart today: Are you stubborn: 

So many brothers and sisters reject this kind of discipline. They don’t want to be told what to do. They think that they are being controlled and limited, all the while they keep sinning against God by going down their own path. They are blinded by pride and lust. The spirit of Jezebel and adultery are controlling their mind and lives.

If your life is characterized by divorce, fornication, lustful relationships, many break ups, like mine is. If you have cheated on your boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives in the past, like I have, then we must take heed to this message.

Let it convict you and transform your life. Stop making the same mistakes over and over. Stop trying to do things your way and submit to the Lord.

Humble yourself and obey the instructions of wisdom. Deny your own self and go down the path of discernment. Haven't we failed enough buy now? Will we end up dying in our sinful and prideful ways. Will we perish in our stubbornness and lust? Or will we repent and overcome in Jesus name?

I know that some of our sisters and brothers, right now, are hanging out with men and women that they are sexually attracted to, or they have a crush on, and have already burned in the flesh for, and they don’t have a problem with that at all. They are allowing their hearts to be hardened with each passing day. Persuaded by the lusts of the flesh. Convincing themselves that there is innocence in their dark heart. 

I have come to the sharp reality that I must make some serious changes in my life. I know that I must create boundaries and limitations with all the women in my life, especially those who are attractive, and even more so, for those whom I have had lust for. I must repent from even the appearance of Evil. 
The wise will accept the correction of the LORD. The Wise will confess and repent., but the rebellious children of the Devil will continue to sin.

Perpetual Sin

If we are constantly falling into these traps even after knowing this truth, then we are in serious trouble.

I am fearful that if I am consumed with carnal desires, which are controlling my life, that I may die in that condition and go to Hell. What hope does anyone have who is willfully practicing sin.

Heb. 10:26-31 

If you are challenged by these things, the only thing that I can recommend to you is what I do for myself: and that is, I fast for days and pray constantly that GOD will set me free from overwhelming passions of the flesh. Days on end I will seek and cry out to the LORD.  I am willing to wither away, until he answers my prayer. Confess your sins, seek the support of your brothers and sisters. Fellowship with the saints of GOD. 

I believe God is able to save me from the body of this death. I believe I can stop sinning by the power of GOD only, no matter how many times I fail. I can NOT afford to give up and die.

If we are perpetually sinning in this area ,we better examine our hearts to make sure that we are in the Faith and that we are the elect Children of GOD.

Are we striving to obey GOD. Are we crying out for discipline, corrections and rebuke. Are we asking GOD to punish us and to put his fear in us? Are we confessing our sins or are we hiding them?

I will end with these two passages of Scripture.

2 Cor. 13:5

1 Peter 1:10

False Religious Hypocrites:

We must also recognize a false religious spirit that we project which deceives us into believing htat we are Christians.

If we are living in Sin and practicing Sin then we can not preach the Gospel of Jesus. If we are not seeking holiness and repentingn from our sins then we are filled with hypocrisy when we tell someone about Jesus.

Next week

Next week

Next week

Next week:

Dealing with Insecurities:

If your wife or husband has insecurities then don’t pour salt on an open wound, Don’t be selfish and neglect the weaknesses of your brother and sister in Christ. Learn to protect and nurture these things until GOD 
can heal and strengthen the one who is weak. Galatians 6:2 Bear one another burdens. So often we think of our own needs above the needs of our family.

We are so self-centered sometimes and say things like this: "I can't help it he is so insecure, I am not going to keep worrying about his needs. I have the right to be friends with whoever I want. I have the right to talk to this person or that person. I am not hurting anyone. I have the right, me, me, me, me." instead of submitting to humility. Instead of caring for the needs and weaknesses of the other person.

Brothers and sisters, sometimes these insecurities are nothing more then consequences of falling into sin so often. Perhaps some of us have ruined our chances of a godly marriage and now have to settle with celibacy and purity in Jesus to fulfill our needs.

Perhaps learning to submit and love someone with insecurities is exactly what some of us need in order to live a godly life. Let God select our relationships as well as remove the relationships that we are not supposed to be in. We need to be in relationships that will keep us accountable to Jesus and living Holy.

I desire a relationship, but know that in my case I can never marry again. I don’t have time to get into that now, but all my relationships with women have to be very monitored and structured. I need relationships with people who have the same understanding and goals to remain pure. I can not get involved with people who think it's OK to engage in dangerous situations that lead to lust.

I am still learning all this myself and hope we can keep praying for each other to grow in holiness and Grace.


If you are single and have never been married and you want to find a mate, this message still applies to you. Even though you are actually available to further engage into a potential romance, as long at it is in Christ, You can still easily fall into fornication and ruin your chance of a blessed marriage.

If you are unequally yoking with a woman or man who is NOT a Christians then you are in Trouble. So many people think that they can change someone else in time. SO many divorces happen because people are 
unequally yoked in the false pretense and illusion that they can change someone else. If you are already married and unequally yoked then you are trapped forever in this and the only way to end this marriage is it that person dies or commits adultery against you. 

Jesus is GOD1